What is a ritual?

Ritual, as I relate to for your tattoo ceremony, is a rite of passage. The latin root of ritual is rite, and a ritual is characterized by the deep sincerity of the actions undertaken. The ancient roots of tattooing were deeply embedded in ritual and ceremony, often marking the skin for coming of age, warriorship and priest/esshood. I believe this is still important and it is my intention to remind us that this is holy work. In receiving a tattoo, we are essentially creating a wound. We are offering a sacrifice, the surrender of our pure skin, our body temple, for the sake of something we find valuable, that brings us meaning, and that often supports a divine purpose. The root of sacrifice is ‘to make sacred’, and that is what happens when you and I come together to create these symbols on your body.

Do you have a tattoo “style”?

My focus is in blackwork and grey wash tattoos, both handpoked and machine made, with the occasional addition of color for rare projects. I specialize in delicate fine lines as well as thick, bold ritual motifs, dot work, and stipple shading. I also love to work in large scale, negative space blackwork. Though I am open to custom work in a variety of styles, my own style is deeply inspired by nature, traditional folk art and pattern work, especially of Scandinavian culture.

Is tattooing safe?

I care about what goes into your body as much as I care about what goes into mine. Gone are the days where we combine animal fat and ash, using thorn and bone to carve ink into skin. Though I continue to channel the ancient grandmothers of this traditional art, I use extensively tested, high quality ink with organic pigment and single use stainless steel needles sterilized under pressure. I feel connected to the ink I use and the brand was chosen with thought, careful research into the company’s standards and repeated application with phenomenal results. Though light of heart, I take my responsibility administering this work seriously. I follow the safety and sanitation requirements deemed necessary by the state and continue to grow my skills and seek out trainings to become a better and well informed tattoo artist.

What are your rates?

The pricing for your tattoo is determined by various factors such as size, placement, and the level of detail and energy invested. It is important to note that the cost of your tattoo is more than just the time I spend putting the ink into your skin. With minor exceptions (i.e. certain flash specials), the minimum cost of your tattoo will be $100. This is not an hourly rate, this is a cost consideration and energy exchange based on set up/break down of equipment and materials required for each and every appointment, no matter the size or complexity of the art. During our email consultation, I’ll provide you with an estimate for your tattoo. For flash pieces, I offer a flat rate.

Tattooing is a sacred ritual. That being said, it is also a transformational process that involves creating a physical wound. As a ceremonialist, I hold space for the magic with mind, body and spirit. As a professional (and practical) tattoo artist, safety and hygiene are prioritized by using *disposable materials. Each tattoo session requires fresh needles, ink, and supplies, which contributes to the final cost. This investment is essential for a clean and sterile environment.

A non-refundable deposit of $50-$200 (depending on the project) is required to secure an appointment and will be applied forward to the total. If your tattoo requires multiple sessions, your deposit will be subtracted from the final session.

PLEASE NOTE: I will not begin drawing up your custom art until after a deposit is received.  And I may not have a drawing ready until the day of your appointment. In most cases, we are working directly together to create your intentional artwork and will meet for tea once or twice before your appointment to refine your design. (If you are coming from out of town, we will accommodate.)  

What if I need to cancel?

Life happens and I can honor that. Always communicate with me openly and we can generally work through cancellations. Deposits are applied to the design and/or cost of the tattoo. If you do not show for your session or cancel without at least a 48 hour notice to reschedule, your deposit will be forfeited. Your appointment can be rescheduled a maximum of two times as long as you give at least 2 days notice. Please call me, or email with the subject “RESCHEDULE” or “CANCELLATION” so it doesn’t get missed. After the second cancellation, your deposit is forfeit. 

Please call or text if you are running late. If you are more than 30 minutes late, please be aware that I may not be able to complete your appointment and you will lose your deposit. Communication is key. Please respect both of our time.

Please keep in mind when you schedule/cancel your appointment (that might lead to a deposit forfeit) that I have already spent time drawing or preparing for your tattoo and at the very least have turned away other clients for that day because your time was already reserved.

What is your preferred method of payment?

Cash is preferred. Remember that paying with cash supports your local economy. If cash isn’t an option, I will send you an invoice for your deposit and your final payment can be made in studio with Stripe secured processing. Please be aware this form of payment comes with an addition of a 3% handling fee.

What about tipping?

Tipping is an extra gesture of gratitude, and while it is common practice in the “industry” don’t feel obligated to throw down extra cash (though I’ll humbly and gratefully accept ;). There are many ways to “tip” your artist. Think outside the box if you wish to express gratitude in this way. My favorite tip to receive is witnessing the pure delight of my client’s satisfaction with their art. I also love chocolate. And plants. And that sweet little handmade piece of art you created yourself. See where I’m going here?

Another fantastic (and much appreciated) way to show your gratitude is to leave a positive review on Google. This does wonders for my work and enables more people to find the studio. It’s easy, just type “Mother Wild Tattoo” in Google. Under the business listing, hit “reviews”. Write your review! Word of mouth is also a great way of sharing the studio with your community and expressing gratitude.

Do you offer Flash?

There are times when I offer seasonal flash work, (and other times I offer ONLY flash) set pieces of size/cost to reflect the inspiration coming through the holy days, and other sparks filling me up in the moment. I do my best to keep my Flash page updated here on my website, but the best way to stay in the know about these little magics are through Instagram. If you are called to a Flash piece, give me a call or use the form with the description and number of the Flash you are interested in and we will get you on the books.

Do you take walk-ins?

No. Sessions are by appointment only.

How should I prepare for my tattoo session?

Get a good night’s rest. Stay out of the sun prior to your session. It can be helpful to exfoliate and moisturize the area thoroughly in the days/weeks prior to your session to prepare the skin and encourage smooth healing. It is also helpful to shave the area beforehand as it limits the waste of disposable razors. Do not consume any blood thinning medications within 24 hours of getting the tattoo. Do not arrive intoxicated, drunk, high, or medicated and do not drink heavily the day before your appointment (if you are intoxicated I will not tattoo you). 

The best thing you can do the day of is to eat a full, nourishing meal 2-4 hours prior to your appointment and stay hydrated. Tattoos typically take hours and we will take breaks during your session (for both of our benefit) and will have opportunities for you to get some food in you. I suggest bringing plenty of water/drinks and snacks, especially if you struggle with blood sugar issues, lightheadedness or fainting, and anything else that makes you feel at ease for passing the time. The more comfortable your body is, the more comfortable and relaxed you will be for your tattoo. We will talk about this prior as well, especially if we are holding ritual space. Please make sure you are dressed comfortably and accordingly, ie, shorts if we are doing leg pieces, button up shirts for chest pieces, etc. You are also welcome to bring a sweater or blanket, as sometimes even if it is warm your body can get cold sitting for a long time. While I prefer the one on one space for your tattoo ceremony, especially if it is a long session, you may bring a guest for support, but no more than one guest.

Please make sure you have read and fully understand the Release and Liability Waiver. You are welcome to print and fill it out prior to your session, but please do not sign it until the day of. I will have a copy of it at the studio if you do not wish to print it out, but please make sure you’ve given yourself plenty of time to read and understand it beforehand. While it may feel like a lot of legal jargon around such a sacred rite, it is none-the-less necessary and required for me to do this work.

How should I tend to my tattoo after my session?

In general, aftercare is as follows:

Upon completion, your tattoo will be wrapped with an adhesive bandage which protects your tattoo while still allowing it to breathe its first few days of healing. This wrap should remain on for at least 3 days.

Remove the wrap in the shower, wash it gently with clean hands, use a paper towel to dry, and apply a thin layer of moisturizer. Repeat this thin layer of moisturizer 2-3x a day for a few days or until the top has healed over slightly. Follow up with a lighter lotion several times a day for a few weeks, or until your tattoo stops peeling and has completely healed over. During the healing process, do not soak your tattoo, therefore no swimming or baths for at least 2 weeks, and keep showers short for the first 7 days. Always clean your hands before touching your tattoo. Do not let pets or animals touch or lick your tattoo and always wash your hands after touching your animals. 

Everyone’s healing process is unique, and it may take several weeks for your tattoo to fully heal. Your tattoo will heal similar to a sunburn with light peeling, and it is important you do not scratch it. Tend to it gently and as lovingly as you can. You will be provided with full aftercare guidelines at the completion of your session. 

Have a question that I didn’t answer? Please get in touch!

*Further thoughts: 

The tattoo industry is unfortunately a high waste industry, being that it is necessary to use and dispose of single use products due to safety and sanitation requirements. Spirit called me to this work and I move into it with as much integrity and awareness as I can. The Earth is my Mother and it is my responsibility and my honor to care for Her.

So while I am in full compliance with the body art regulations of the state of Colorado and take sanitation seriously (It not only keeps my studio up and running, it also keeps you safe), I will do my part to be as conscious as possible when it comes to the waste we produce together.   

Therefore all the single use, disposable products you will find in my studio, with the exception of needles, razorblades, and Saniderm bandages, are compostable. I know this is only a small act, but I will continue to stay up to date with how I can best serve this sacred work with as much honor as I can.