The first thing you should know is that I believe in magic. And I believe that the art we choose to put on our body is important, that it has significance, and that it matters. I believe that words and symbols carry through intent, and that we should enter into the process of tattooing with honor, for the sacred rite it is. We are creating prayers, etching memories, weaving spells.

If you are called to work in this way, I would be honored to move forward with you. The first step is to read through my FAQ page, and if it still feels resonant, fill out the form below, providing me with as much detail as you can about the vision you see for your body art. If you see it clearly, tell me about it. Where on your body does it live? What is its story? 

If it’s still trying to present itself, then let’s find it together. Share with me your intentions. What inspires you? What is the magic you wish to invoke?

If desired, and after an in person consultation, I can Journey for your markings, seeking the vision of what is asking to come forward for you.

Once you fill out the form below, please allow up to a week to hear back from me. If I can take on your project, we will work together to distill your vision and create your art. A nonrefundable deposit will be required in exchange for the time spent in creative space. This will be applied forward to your overall investment with me for your tattoo. When we are satisfied that we have brought your vision to life through the design process, we move onto setting your appointment to bring you into the studio.

My intention is to create a nourishing and held space for your ritual tattoo session. This includes all of the preparation of design, the time spent in the studio and the follow up care and integration process.